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Title - Beer League Hero
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Rammer, Gags, and a Nickel Son.
By Beer League Hero

Rammer, Gags, and a Nickel Son.
Bob Nicholson

Edmonton - June 13, 2014 -
Well well well. Things are moving at breakneck speed in Oil Country. Super coach Craig Ramsay is in, ever-smiling Bob Nicholson is soon to be in and the most important signing of all.... Steve Pinizzotto!! Kelly Buchberger's nine lives are about up and Steve Smith is once again left contemplating life as an Oiler. Petry and Jultz are still unsigned as are Pitlick, Fedun, and Curtis Hamilton...

Things are looking a little less topsy turvy these days AND The draft is coming up and that is an exciting time for me at least. Not only that but the World Cup is on. I've got Germany and Argentina playing in the Final.

But back to hockey, lots of big pieces on the market this summer. Spezza, Kesler, Thornton, Lecavalier, Mike Richards, Brad Richards, and does anybody think that Rick Nash could be shopped after his post season performance? When is the Subban shoe going to drop? Which Pittsburgh Penguin is going to be dealt? Can the Sabres acquire anymore 1st round picks in the next two drafts?

As a fan of the Oilers, I sure wish that some of those big names would somehow pertain to my team. Maybe with the additions of Craig Ramsay and Bob Nicholson to the organization, a big name could finally make his way to Edmonton. Nicholson and Ramsay are big names in the hockey world and both are very respected thus showing players, coaches, and managers alike that the Oilers mean business and are indeed ready to play with the big boys. No more messing about.

It's going to be an outstanding off-season and I, for one, can't wait until the Stanley Cup Final is over. There are trades to be made! And the sooner Sam Gagner can be dealt the sooner Oilers fans can pick a new scapegoat and start speculating about his trade value.

Speaking of trading Sam Gagner, how do you feel about this deal?

Sam Gagner and Anton Lander to Nashville for Ryan Ellis and Viktor Stalberg?

Yes, it would deplete the depth at center BUT what we know now is Sam Gagner can't play center any better than he can play wing or Connect Four. Anton Lander is all over the place on the Roster and Mark Arcobello was outplaying them both.

Ryan Ellis is a very talented and skilled defender with a BOMB of a slapshot that would be of great help to the Oilers poweplay. Not only that but he's stuck behind Shea Weber and Seth Jones in Nashville. He's undersized but in my opinion could be as good as Tobias Enstrom or Kimmo Timonen. Viktor Stalberg would help out with the bottom 6 depth as well.

Well thanks for reading! I just wanted to check in and put in my two cents on the Oilers most recent news. According to Bob Stauffer, he thinks they're not done on the coaching front. And they're definitely not done on the player personnel front. In about 10 minutes the press conference is going to start and I'm secretly hoping that Kevin Lowe's resignation is part of it so I can stop hearing that the situation the Oilers are in are his fault.

Oh and one last thing to my fellow Oilers fans, please stop taking a dump on Jeff Petry. I beg you! Now I'm guilty of cursing at him and wishing him gone but I've seen the error of my ways. He's the best defenseman on the team and he's just scratching the surface of his potential. His style of play is how defenders in the future are going to have to going to have to use. He's big, plays the body, can skate, pass and shoot. He's just lacking the proper partner at the moment. So be patient with our boy. He's one of the good ones.

Take Care!


Follow Me on TwitterBeer League Hero has been an Edmonton Oilers fan since the days of wooden sticks and no defense hockey. Born and raised in Camrose, Alberta, BLH's first exposure to hockey was at the now defunct Viking Cup International Hockey Tournament. He's had his own blog - since 2011. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him at

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