OH: All News Stories found on OurHometown.ca http://www.ourhometown.ca/news/ Here you will find a listing of all News stories found on OurHometown.ca Lakeshore to add two shade structures in Belle Riverhttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1845.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1845.phpLakeshore Council has supported the addition of two shade structures on the West Beach Jetty. The Jetty is intended to separate beach goers from boaters. The new jetty will have a 9 m solid surface with viewing areas, seating and access from the West Beach. It not only protects swimmers from boaters, but provides a new opportunity to connect to Lakeshore’s waterfront on Lake St. Clair. Tue, 27 Mar 2018 12:24:02 -0500Special visitor at Lakeshore's Atlas Tube Centrehttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1844.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1844.phpLakeshore’s newest visitor is a Snowy Owl, affectionately named ‘Atlas’, who is vacationing at the front of the Atlas Tube Centre grounds. She can be found on the light posts watching for prey (small mammals and birds) or enjoying a meal on the soccer pitch. Atlas has made Lakeshore’s Atlas Tube Centre her layover destination for 2018! Thu, 01 Mar 2018 14:34:02 -0600Restorative Winter Souphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1843.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1843.phpAs you know, cold and flu season is still upon us. Whether you succumb to it or not, this soup is guaranteed to warm your bones and provide a large dose of good health to help make or keep you well this winter season. Here is a great recipe for a restorative winter soup. Mon, 19 Feb 2018 15:45:57 -0600Sears Canada to Seek Court Approval for Liquidation, Store closureshttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1842.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1842.phpSears Canada Inc. ("Sears Canada", or the "Company") today announced that it and certain of its subsidiaries (the "Sears Canada Group") will be applying to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Commercial List) (the "Court") for approval to liquidate all of its remaining stores and assets. Tue, 10 Oct 2017 14:06:07 -0500Five Hot Vacation Destinations for the Canadian Winterhttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1841.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1841.phpQuebec City has over 400 centimeters of snow every winter and this really transforms the city. The city starts preparing for the holiday season in early December and the Christmas lights brighten up the whole city in the same way that the graphics of 7Sultans Canadian casino light up the screen of your mobile or tablet. Wed, 04 Oct 2017 12:26:39 -0500Windsor Police Arrest Male in Child Luring Investigationhttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1840.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1840.phpOn Sunday July 30, 2017 a citizen attended Windsor Police headquarters to report an incident of Child Luring. Ryan Jessop, a 40 year old male from Windsor, is charged with Telecommunication with a person believed to be under 16 years for specific criminal offences and making available sexually explicit material to a person under or believed under 16 years for specific criminal offences. Wed, 09 Aug 2017 14:25:04 -0500LCBO extends hours in advance of potential labour disruptionhttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1839.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1839.phpThe LCBO is extending select store hours in a number of locations across the province from Thursday, June 22 to Sunday, June 25 and on Sunday, July 2, to accommodate shopping for Canada Day activities and in advance of a potential labour disruption. Wed, 21 Jun 2017 12:05:43 -0500Canada fully supports the United States, says Trudeauhttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1838.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1838.phpThe Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued the following statement today on U.S. strikes in Syria: Canada fully supports the United States’ limited and focused action to degrade the Assad regime’s ability to launch chemical weapons attacks against innocent civilians, including many children. President Assad’s use of chemical weapons and the crimes the Syrian regime has committed against its own people cannot be ignored. Fri, 07 Apr 2017 08:59:09 -0500Traffic stop leads to drug possession chargehttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1837.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1837.phpOn March 27, 2017, around 10:00 p.m., a Chatham-Kent Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) member was traveling eastbound on Highway 401 when they attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation. The male driver, Michael LAMB, 48-years-old male of Windsor, ON, has been charged Tue, 28 Mar 2017 11:01:05 -0500Windsor Couple “thrilled” to support local Parkinson’s researchhttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1836.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1836.phpMagdalena and Joseph Szecsei have donated $100,000 to fund research into neurodegenerative diseases. Joseph Szecsei is living with Parkinson’s disease; the couple say they are thrilled to support research in their home city and look forward to outcomes that advance treatments. Mon, 27 Mar 2017 11:47:57 -0500SCN8A Epilepsy - a rare but devastating genetic disorderhttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1835.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1835.phpFamilies of over 150 children globally including Tristan Burk of Stoney Point, Ontario struggle with SCN8A - a rare but devastating genetic disorder - are joining forces to educate the public about SCN8A and inform affected families of available resources. The First International SCN8A Awareness Day is coming up February 9th to share the story of the grave impacts of this newly identified epilepsy. Wed, 08 Feb 2017 19:39:34 -0600Turning vacations into a thrilling experiencehttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1834.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1834.phpCaesars Windsor is all about entertainment and leisure. Its Colosseum regularly hosts headline acts that are entertaining and enjoyable. And, there is no dearth of food, with the Nero’s Steakhouse transporting you back in time to ancient Rome where you can feast on sumptuous seafood and steaks. The Artist Café will thrill art lovers. The café is decorated with vibrantly painted murals and paintings, and strategically placed sculptures add more depth. Thu, 29 Sep 2016 19:55:32 -0500Big Players Looking to Cash in at New Woodbine Casinohttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1833.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1833.phpOLG has invited the bidders to submit tenders that would include the development and operation of three sites – Woodbine Racetrack, Great Blue Heron charity casino, just north of Port Perry, and either Ajax (at Ajax Down Racetrack) or Pickering (as part of a proposed new entertainment precinct called Durham Live). Sat, 24 Sep 2016 19:33:35 -0500Devonshire Mall Launches Initiatives in Support of Local School Nutrition Programshttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1832.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1832.phpBetween August 29th and September 17th, Devonshire Mall will be launching two new initiatives in support of Jumpstart, a student nutrition program which helps nourish young bodies and minds in our community. Mall customers will be able to make a contribution by visiting the five-foot-tall milk carton positioned in the food court, or by adding Devonshire Mall on Snapchat. For each Snapchat add, the mall will donate fifty cents, up to a total of $5,000. Sat, 27 Aug 2016 09:57:20 -0500Windsor Tornado Update - EC Row re-openshttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1831.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1831.phpEmergency services personnel, city of Windsor staff and agencies including Enwin, Union Gas and many others, are working hard to deal with the fallout from damage caused by a sudden tornado Wednesday night. It was just after 7 when the first reports of a tornado touched down in the LaSalle area and then shortly after that in Windsor. Thu, 25 Aug 2016 07:31:47 -0500Devonshire Mall to undergo exciting changeshttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1830.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1830.phpDevonshire Mall announced today a $70M redevelopment and renovation program. This exciting program will bring new shopping and dining options for Windsor consumers and will modernize the interior of the shopping mall with a bright and open new experience. A key feature of the redevelopment will be a new and expanded food court. The retail expansion will be complimented by a program of renovations throughout the mall. Tue, 16 Aug 2016 11:54:21 -0500MPP McNaughton commends police on Aaron Driver threathttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1828.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1828.phpLambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP, Monte McNaughton, issued the following statement on yesterday’s police action in Strathroy: I commend the combined efforts of the RCMP, CSIS, the OPP, the Strathroy-Caradoc Police Service and other police forces who worked together to take firm and decisive action, and help keep our community safe. I also offer my thanks and appreciation to both the frontline officers, and to those working behind the scenes, for their ongoing professionalism throughout. Thu, 11 Aug 2016 14:03:49 -0500RCMP Statement following latest national security threat - Aaron Driverhttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1827.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1827.phpEarlier today, the RCMP received credible information of a potential terrorist threat. A suspect was identified and the proper course of action has been taken to ensure that there is no danger to the public's safety. Thu, 11 Aug 2016 10:15:58 -0500Tim Hudak to leave politics - Statement by Patrick Brownhttp://www.ourhometown.ca/opinion/OP0086.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/opinion/OP0086.phpOntario PC Leader Patrick Brown issued the following statement today regarding the resignation of MPP Tim Hudak (Niagara West-Glanbrook). First elected in 1995 at age 27, Tim has been a stalwart in the Ontario PC Party and the Niagara Region community. During his time in elected office, Tim has honourably served as a MPP, held numerous ministerial positions including Northern Development Mines, Tourism, Culture and Recreation, and Consumer and Business Services, and held the role of Ontario PC Leader and Leader of the Official Opposition. Tue, 09 Aug 2016 14:02:18 -0500Trump issues statement on politically motivated letterhttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1826.phphttp://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL1826.phpDonald Trump issued the following statement today. “The names on this letter are the ones the American people should look to for answers on why the world is a mess, and we thank them for coming forward so everyone in the country knows who deserves the blame for making the world such a dangerous place. They are nothing more than the failed Washington elite looking to hold onto their power, and it’s time they are held accountable for their actions. Tue, 09 Aug 2016 15:12:45 -0500