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SNAPSHOT - Blue Jays, too many men on the field
SNAPSHOT - Blue Jays, too many men on the field
By Cynthia Burk

Stoney Point - May. 9, 2013 - It was a full line-up. Jays all over the field, I mean yard. I counted 22 on the ground at one point and José Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays was nowhere to be seen.

Blue Jays are a spectacular bird and I came to make that realization as I was snapping away looking at the pattern and colours on their back and tail. Don't get me wrong, I always found them to be an eye catching bird but I got to appreciate them while they ate and frolicked in our yard and they have become a continuous visitor.

We had an oriole the other day and it's the first time I've seen a live one (only pictures before). It was the vibrancy of the orange that struck me. At first I thought someone's exotic pet escaped but he came back a couple of times so I got a good look at him. We are going to set some oranges out in hopes that we'll get them visiting regularly then we'll be sure to share the shots.

I hope you enjoy the jays in the meantime.

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