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SNAPSHOT - Two Ships Passing In The Day
By Tim Cornett

SNAPSHOT - Two Ships Passing In The Day

Windsor - Aug. 10, 2016:
Research shows that if you wait long enough you will be rewarded with a photo op. Tuesday morning I was at the river chasing a sunrise, when along came a couple of beauties. One was the American Mariner and the other was the Algoma Olympic.

The American Mariner, a self-unloading bulk freighter, has a length of 730 feet and was built by the Bay Shipping Company for the American Steamship Company. She was launched August 2, 1979. Her seven holds are fed through twenty-four hatches, and she can carry 37,200 tons.

The Algoma Olympic, is also a self-unloading bulk carrier with same 730’ length as the Mariner. Originally named the Canadian Olympic, she was built by Port Weller Dry Docks for the Upper Lakes Group Inc. and was float launched on May 24, 1976. She was named in recognition of the Olympic Games held in Montreal in 1976, and she can carry 35,100 tons. She was acquired by the Algoma Central Corporation in 2011, when she was renamed Algoma Olympic.

All information is credited to George Wharton of - a great website for all things nautical.

TC out

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