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Title - Chris Savard
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Is Cornwall the ultimate fishing town?
Chris Savard

Is Cornwall the ultimate fishing town?
The winning community in the World Fishing Network’s upcoming challenge will receive a $25,000 donation that will be used towards any local fishing related cause.

Cornwall - Mar. 15, 2011 - Is Cornwall the ultimate fishing town? Cornwall resident Leonard Waring thinks so and he is hoping area residents will join with him in his quest to have Cornwall named as Canada’s Ultimate Fishing town.

In 2007, Cornwall made it to the finals in the Kraft CBC Hockeyville competition and Waring wants to see the city win the WFN: World Fishing Network’s upcoming challenge. The winning community will receive a $25,000 donation that will be used towards any local fishing related cause.

Communities have until April 8, 2011 to nominate themselves by submitting photos, videos and testimonials at Waring has already nominated Cornwall and he is looking for more people to add to his nomination.

WFN will narrow the nominations down to 20 communities and public voting will begin on April 12th. Waring is hopeful that Cornwall will make the short list and the following is a portion of his nomination, as found on the website:

“There are many sport fish species such as pike, bass, walleye, muskie and the local favourite yellow perch in this area. The area is also a favourite for foreign carp fisherman. Sturgeon are also in this area…” wishes Waring the very best in his quest.

NEVER SAY NEVER – The last time I wrote the Leafs were four points out of a playoff spot with 19 games to go. Today, they sit six back with 12 games remaining. The toughest part for the Leafs is that they are in 11th place and would have to leap frog both Carolina and Atlanta to make it into the post-season. The Hurricanes and Thrashers each have a game in hand on the Leafs. Leafs fans will continue to watch the scoreboard and the standings until our Buds are mathematically eliminated.

I WON’T GIVE AN OPINION, BUT… - I particularly enjoyed this response by US President Barack Obama when he was asked about NFL labor negotiations during a White House press conference. While he is staying out of it, he certainly made his point:

“You’ve got owners, most of whom are worth close to $1 billion. You’ve got players who are making millions are dollars. My working assumption at a time when people are having to cut back, compromise and worry about making the mortgage and paying for their kids’ college education is that the two parties should be able to work it out without the President of the United States intervening,” President Obama said.

“I’m a big football fan, but I also think for an industry that is making $9 billion a year in revenue, they can figure out how to divide it up in a sensible way and be true to their fans who are the ones who, obviously, allow for all of the money that they are making,” the President continued. “My expectation and hope is that they will resolve it without me intervening, because it turns out I have got a lot of other stuff to do.”

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