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SNAPSHOT - American Bittern at Cooper Marsh

Lancaster - May. 20, 2015: This American Bittern dined on the parking lot lawn at Cooper Marsh. Here he was startled by an overhead Red-Winged Blackbird. He dined on a frog and various insects before disappearing into the reeds. FULL STORY

PHOTO CREDIT - Ron Binette
The political irony of union strife

South Dundas - May. 20, 2015: Isn't it ironic that the very unions which supported Kathleen Wynne and the provincial Liberal party during the 2014 election, are, one year later, protesting the actions of that party in power? It is not just one union which has been hit with this irony either, but on many fronts. The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) spent $1.3 million in third-party election advertising in 2014, campaigning directly and in-directly against a Progressive Conservative government in Queen’s Park. FULL STORY

Environment Canada issues Tornado Watch for Windsor-Essex

Windsor - May. 11, 2015: Conditions are favourable for the development of severe thunderstorms which may produce tornadoes. Severe thunderstorms are expected to develop late this afternoon and evening ahead of a cold front. Damaging winds to 90 km/h and large hail are possible. There is also the risk of a tornado. Affected areas include Chatham-Kent, Rondeau Park and Windsor - Leamington - Essex County. FULL STORY

    The 8 Week Challenge - It’s Not A Diet

Windsor - May. 7, 2015: Today’s column comes with a disclaimer. It’s not for the faint of heart. To my family, friends and associates, the following may be quite shocking to all of you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I haven’t had a coffee in over a week. Or French fries. Or pizza. Or a lot of things I used to eat and drink. Why? Because along with ten of my colleagues at DJ Galvanizing, and our spouses, I began a program called the 8 Week Challenge. FULL STORY

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NBL Canada Board issues fines to Halifax Rainmen

Windsor - May. 1, 2015: The National Basketball League of Canada's Board of Governors met today to get to the bottom of the incidents that led to Game 7 of the NBL Finals not being played. Windsor's staff and players were at the arena and ready to play the game last night and the Halifax Rainmen did not show up. Under the league's written forfeit rules, the Windsor Express are declared winners of Game 7 and by thus winning the series 4-3, are declared the 2015 NBL Canada Champions. FULL STORY

Kids Yoga versus "Real" Yoga
Cornwall - Apr. 26, 2015: I have spent the last four years of my life dedicated to creative expression through movement and the arts with preschool and kinder aged children.
Try Something Different this Weekend and SWING!
Windsor-Essex - Apr. 22, 2015: Swing this weekend at the Windsor Symphony Orchestra featuring Big Band with Carl Topilow starting Friday night April 24th, and continuing Saturday and Sunday.
Follow the Yellow Brick Road at Devonshire Mall
Windsor-Essex - Apr. 21, 2015: When you’re at Devonshire Mall, your eyes aren’t scanning the floor but all the fantastic store displays. For the month of April, take the time turn your eyes downward to walk the Yellow Brick Road.
Liberal Government Selling Off Assets Without Accountability
Cornwall - Apr. 17, 2015: The Government’s plan to sell 60% of Hydro One and direct the funds to infrastructure building is being challenged by opposition parties and major stakeholders as illegal. Once Hydro One is sold off, revenue from the sold-off components will no longer be available to service the $27 billion debt, driving up rates. We do not trust a Government that has mismanaged the Province’s finances for over a decade to deliver a transparent and economically sound asset sale, especially when their stated intention is to waste shareholders’ money in dubious infrastructure schemes.
Our Volunteers, Our Community
Toronto - Apr. 17, 2015: Volunteers are leading social change and impacting communities around the world. Every year during National Volunteer Week, we have the opportunity to celebrate their efforts and contributions. This year, during National Volunteer Week, taking place between April 12-18, let’s shine the light on the hard work and dedication of all the volunteers who are making our communities better places to live, work, and play.
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The political irony of union strife

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