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Five places you didn't know you could spend eChecks in Canada in 2024
By Staff

Five places you didn

Canadian gamers have a number of avenues to deposit their funds in their favorite casinos. Payment methods have become important over the last few years, especially as providers seek ways to stand out among their rivals.

- Jan. 28, 2024:
Canadian gamers have a number of avenues to deposit their funds in their favorite casinos. Payment methods have become important over the last few years, especially as providers seek ways to stand out among their rivals.

While the idea of a check isn't new in the finance world, it is the oldest method that has successfully transitioned into the digital world. Subsequently, eChecks have been able to break down the barriers that initially saw checks pushed to the fringes of traditional finance, and they're beginning to find a big audience in the 2020s. It's not just casino gaming that has helped to facilitate this renaissance, and today, we will look at the places where Canadians can use an eCheck.

What is an eCheck, and how does it work?

If you're long in the tooth and remember how the old check books used to work, you'll remember the arduous process of writing out a check, signing it up against the stub in the book, and going to the bank – then waiting five days for the funds to either leave or be credited to your bank account.

Given the vast improvements in mobile and internet technology, you can now use eCheck payment systems to take a picture of a check, immediately logging all the relevant information. The reason that this is such a game-changer is that it has eliminated all of the elements of paying via check that had caused it to slide down the pecking order in finance and banking.

#5 - Casino gaming

Many casinos accept over a dozen payment methods, including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or eChecks. Although eChecks see a different sort of volume, it has only been a few years since the technology transformed and became a viable payment method. The top eCheck casinos in Canadaensure that those Canadian bettors who wish to use this method can do so quickly and efficiently.

While there's no shortage of casinos that offer this payment method, some do it better than others, and there's a growing number of businesses allowing customers to use it as a viable payment method. Our top picks include Royal Vegas, PokerStars Casino, Jackpot City and Spin Casino. Not only do all of these casinos offer a facility for those wanting to gamble exclusively via eCheck, but they're renowned for facilitating a seamless route – an opinion that is backed up by numerous social media comments and online reviews.

#4 - Walmart

As one of the big retailers in North America, Walmart has long accepted checks and eChecks as valid payment methods. Canadians who shop online can use eChecks to pay for their shopping. While it might not be the most well-known way to shop online at Walmart, by providing such customer choice, it's no surprise that it has become one of the most successful retailers of all time. Although many Canadians use this method to buy their goods at Walmart, there are plenty who are unaware of the scale and variety of payment methods you can actually use.

#3 - Target

As another popular retailer among Canadians, Target has over 130 locations across Canada. Much like Walmart, it allows its customers to use eCheck on its online shopping facility. In 2024, retailers are beginning to understand and prioritize the number of routes that customers can use to make purchases on their sites.

Target has a similar business model and product range to that of Walmart. Given that most Canadians will use bank-based payment methods such as Visa or Mastercard to do their shopping online, it's still an unexplored and relatively undiscovered payment method for Target customers, but it is something it has implemented on its site for several years.

Although some Canadians and Americans believe Target is overpriced, the number of lifestyle options at the store means that it can be a convenient one-stop shop for many – especially if it's their nearest store.

#2 - eBay

Maybe it might not be such a surprise, but the internet's first global auction site is still going strong in 2024. While it may have rocketed the global popularity of PayPal and been the catalyst that resulted in the colossal fintech company becoming one of the biggest financial triumphs of this century, eBay didn't put all its eggs in one basket, so to speak.

It has continued to branch out and weigh up new payment methods on its site – and of all the places you can use eCheck in Canada, eBay might be the most unexpected, just because the name is so synonymous with PayPal. However, if you're looking to buy and sell goods on eBay, eCheck is just as viable and quick as many of the more mainstream options.

#1 - Amazon

Jeff Bezos and his global juggernaut continue to dominate the digital shopping landscape. Amazon seems to have everything you want, and its growing emphasis on fresh payment methods has meant that eCheck is one of the most feasible and efficient ways people transact on the site. Although Amazon may have dipped from its early to mid-2010s global dominance, it’s still an online titan, operating in over 150 countries and turning its entrepreneur CEO into an exceptionally rich individual.


Perhaps some of today's revelations weren't as surprising as you'd think, especially if you know how eChecks work. We imagine you'll now be well versed and understand all too well all of the top retailers and online businesses that accept eCheck payments. Casino gaming has become the most intriguing of all retailers that have turned toward eChecks.

As we touched on earlier, multiple highly-rated casinos have been able to turn eChecks into a viable option for their customers. While it might be beginning to gather momentum now, it took a while for the rhetoric to switch to a more positive one.

There's still significant potential for growth, and the casino gaming industry could be the multibillion-dollar sector that helps spearhead it and legitimizes eCheck as a payment method that carries the same weight as PayPal, Mastercard and other internationally renowned payment systems.

Five places you didn
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