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Title - Tyler Hein
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Introductions are always weird, aren't they? I never know what to do with my hands, but I digress. My name is Tyler. Forgive me, but I hope I won't be expected to learn all of your names. I've managed to successfully continue to live 19 consecutively unsuccessful years, the latest of which I've spent contributing to Flave Magazine and Glimmer Train while attending the University of Alberta to major in political science with a minor in creative writing. I'll do my best to leave you both entertained and informed, and if I don't, well I can at least promise that you'll leave with something to think about - even if that ends up with nothing more than 'huh, those sure were a lot of words'. If you have questions or wish to contact Tyler, you can email him at

Why Tories Don
Why Tories Don't Care About the Youth Vote

May. 31, 2012: Our nation had a record low for voter turnout in our last federal election. Many pundits who study and follow politics are often quick, come election time, to discuss, analyze and judge those who don't actively participate in democracy. Unfortunately, this ever-growing apathy is the crisis facing democracy, but to the parties' in charge it's all part of the plan. FULL STORY

Tyler Hein, In Hein Sight? Story Archive
Tyler Hein, In Hein Sight? Story Archive

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