O'Brien, Valade, Smoke, Dubois and Poirier winners at Speedway
Martin Belanger
A busy evening at Cornwall Motor Speedway with a full program scheduled for the Modifieds, Sportsman, Pro-Stock and Semi-Pro. Tim O’Brien is able to lead the final laps to win his first feature of the year in front of Stéphane Lafrance and Carey Terrance.

Cornwall - Jun. 27, 2011 - A busy evening at Cornwall Motor Speedway with a full program scheduled for the Modifieds, Sportsman, Pro-Stock and Semi-Pro. The SpeedSTR were also in town for their annual visit. Along with the hot racing on the track a full intermission with a photo and autograph session, a kids tire race and the first edition of the ``SpeedwayIdol`` on Benson Auto Parts Night.

A field of 22 cars took the initial green in the 30-lap Modified feature. Brian McDonald is the early leader in front of Tim O’Brien when Chris Raabe has a left rear flat and caution is out with 2 laps down. O’Brien and McDonald are racing side by side at the restart with Carey Terrance now in third spot over Marc Therrien. McDonald takes a good lead and quickly approaches lap traffic with 10 laps down. Preston Forbes hits the wall in turn 4 and the yellow flag is out at the halfway point. McDonald, O’Brien, Terrance, Stéphane Lafrance and Therrien are currently the top 5. At the restart, Tim O’Brien grabs the lead over McDonald with Lafrance now in third when Danny O’Brien slips out the track on lap 17 and yellow is out, McDonald heads to the pits on that same caution. O’Brien leads another lap when Kayle Robidoux had issues with his car. O’Brien is able to resist to Lafrance on the following green. Gage Morin joins the top 5 on lap 25 with Lafrance closes in on O’Brien. Pat Cashman spins in turn 4 and the race is slowed down with 2 laps to go. O’Brien is able to lead the final laps to win his first feature of the year in front of Lafrance and Terrance.

Gilles Godard took the lead in the 20-lap Pro-Stock feature in front of Rosco Garreau and Michel Desjardins in third. Garreau hits the wall in the front of the grandstand and loses several spots with 6 laps down. Desjardins approaches Godard with the leaders now in traffic. At the halfway point, Godard, Desjardins, David Papineau, Dion Oakes and Ghislain Valade are the top 5. Valade tooks the opportunity of lap traffic to gain the third sport with 5 laps to go. Joey Ladouceur who started 15th has cracked the top 5 with 22 laps in the books. Bad luck for Godard has his engine broke with one lap to go, giving the lead to Valade. On the restart, Valade led the final lap to win his second feature of the year over Desjardins and Ladouceur completes the podium.

In the 20-lap Sportsman feature, Ronnie Tyo leads the way over Dillon Sallows and Jason Powers behind him. A 5-car accident occurs in turn 4 on the second lap. Kristian Smoke has a strong start and took the lead over Tyo and Sallows. Ryan Poole brought the second caution on lap 6. Smoke leads the 7th lap and the race is slowed again. With Smoke in front, a good battle happens for second between Tyo and Sallows. At the halfway point, Smoke, Tyo, Sallows, Powers and Wyatt Mullin are the top 5. Smoke in the lead with Jason Powers in second over Tyo on lap 12. Smoke is able to lead the final laps to win his first feature in his Sportsman career over Powers and Wyatt Mullin.

Jonathan Archambault took the lead in the 25-lap SpeedSTR feature, a good battle for the second place with Patrick Vigneault taking the second spot on the 4th lap. Vigneault attacks Archambault from the outside and take the lead on lap 6. Daniel Nadeau takes the second place on the ninth place with Vigneault having a good lead on the 14-car field. A first caution occurs on lap 16. Vigneault leads 2 more laps when another yellow happens with Yannick Poirier now in second. Poirier takes the top spot on a restart with Pierre Hébert who is really fast and takes second from the outside lane with 3 laps to go. Poirier leads the final laps to take the win over Hébert and Vigneault.

The 15-lap Semi-Pro feature saw Junior Delormier leading the first half of the feature as Benoit Dubois taking lead on lap 8. Caution came out on lap 10 for Hugh Chandler who his car caught fire in the engine bay. Dubois had company in the final stages of the race with Kevin Fetterly and Todd Raabe. Dubois survived the pressure and won his first feature of the year.

One of the biggest events of the season next week with the Super DIRTcar Big-Block Series in town with all the superstars such as Billy Decker, Matt Sheppard, Brett Hearn, Pete Britten, Jimmy Phelps, Dale Planck and other, a great field of cars is expected. The Pro-Stock, Semi-Pro and Mini-Stock will also be on the racing card as the Sportsman will have the night off on D&A Tractor Sales.

Modified Feature Race Results (30 laps)
Tim O'Brien, Stéphane Lafrance, Carey Terrance, Gage Morin, Luke Whitteker, Danny O'Brien, Laurent Ladouceur, Joel Doiron, Kyle Dingwall, Jeff Sykes, Kayle Robidoux, Brandon Sweet, John Lazore, Bruno Lepage, Marc Therrien, Clayton Benedict, Yanick Ledoux, Paul St-Sauveur, Pat Cashman, Chris Raabe, Brian McDonald, Preston Forbes

Sportsman Feature Race Results (20 laps)
Kristian Smoke, Jason Powers, Wyatt Mullin, Dan Jalbert, Shane Pecore, Travis Back, Ronnie Tyo, Ryan Poole, Josh Jock, Jeff Philipps, Chris Herbison, Billy Cook ,Mitch Primeau, Corry Winters, Dillon Sallows, Ivan Bernier, Guillaume Daoust, Louie Jackson jr, Jenna David, Brian Comeau, Cole Dingwall

Pro-Stock Feature Race Results (20 laps)
Ghislain Valade, Michel Desjardins, Joey Ladouceur, David Papineau, Dion Oakes, David Bissonnette, Stephane Lebrun, George Renaud, Corey Wheeler, Ryan Stabler, Ricky Thompson, PJ Peters, Marc Lalonde, Pascal Romanesky, Roch Aubin, Daniel Leduc, Gaetan Amesse, Rosco Garreau, Claude Parisien, Steve Johnston, Gilles Godard, Chris Tremblay, Sean Johnson

Semi-Pro Feature Race Results (15 laps)
Benoit Dubois, Kevin Fetterly jr, Todd Raabe, Wes Bilmer, Andrew Giroux, Mike Stacey, Adam Delormier, Junior Delormier, Jean-Paul Laberge, Derek Cryderman, Kevin McKrae, Michael McCargar, Joe Woods, Hugh Chandler, Michael Du

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