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Lift-Off announces its Minute to Win It Contest

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Lift-Off announces its Minute to Win It Contest
Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off is going prime time - Cornwall prime time that is, with a new addition to the Festival - Minute to Win It. Contestants have a chance to win the grand prize - a Nintendo Wii Gift Pack worth $500!

Cornwall - Jul. 6, 2011 - Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off is going prime time - Cornwall prime time that is, with a new addition to the Festival - Minute to Win It. The Lift-Off version is a take-off on the prime-time game show hosted on NBC where the contestant is presented with a blueprint for the first challenge and must successfully complete it within 60 seconds to win $1,000 and advance to the next level. Of course the difficulty increases as the levels increase. Once the contestant loses at three levels the game ends.

The Lift-Off version is a little different in that it is set up as an elimination challenge. There will be 10 contestants to begin with 9 rounds and one chance for the grand prize - a Nintendo Wii Gift Pack worth $500! How you can get to be one of the lucky 10 contestants? It's easy - simply tryout.

"The Tryouts" - Saturday July 16th, 10am-2pm
Everyone is welcome to come out and try the challenges made up of household items. Complete the task within a minute and be considered a winner. There are varying degrees of difficulty that the whole family can enjoy. Challenge your friends, family and if you're up for the challenge, sign up to be one of the randomly selected contestants for the Elimination Challenge on Sunday.

"The Elimination Challenge" - Sunday July 17th, 11:30am-1pm 10 Participants will be randomly selected from the tryouts on Saturday. (Be sure to come and watch as there will be audience participation and possible substitution opportunities).
There will be nine elimination rounds until only one is left standing. The Final contestant will have the opportunity to win a $1000 including a $500 Supreme Nintendo Wii package, courtesy of Wal-Mart Cornwall. Prizes courtesy of Galaxy Cinema Cornwall, Dr. Wash and Fishrizzo Productions.

Some of the challenges include:
HANKY PANKY - Using only one hand, the competitor must pull tissues out of a tissue box one at a time until the box is empty.

JUNK IN THE TRUNK - A belt with an empty tissue box is attached around the competitor's waist and positioned against the contestant's back with the hole facing outwards. Ping-pong balls are placed inside the tissue box and the competitor must jump and wiggle to shake the balls out of the box without letting his hands touch the ground. All balls must be out of the box to complete the challenge.

MOVIN' ON UP - Contestant is given a stack of 49 red plastic cups with a blue cup on the bottom. You must race to move the one blue cup to the top by holding the stack and continuously moving the cups, one by one, from the top to the bottom through the entire stack.

FACE THE COOKIE - Sit in a chair with a plate of cookies beside you. Lean your head back and place a cookie in the centre of your forehead. Use only your face to move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth.

Whether you want to compete and have some fun, or simply want to be a spectator, Minute To Win It will be a blast for everyone. Grab your family and friends and come down to Lamoureux Park at 10am on Saturday morning.

Cornwall Lift-Off was founded in 1994 and has since hosted back-to-back Canadian National Hot Air Balloon Championships in 1996 and 1997. The success of the festival has grown considerably from its modest beginnings in 1994. The 2011 festival welcomes 25 hot air balloon teams, the Homenuik Carnival, fireworks, a new Family Zone, the and great musical entertainment.

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