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Title - The View from Dundas
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Follow Me on TwitterPhillip Blancher is a writer, web geek and communications professional by trade. He has written for a number of publications in Eastern Ontario and Northern New York State and also was a weekly morning show contributor for two area radio stations. As a resident of South Dundas for the last seven years, this long-time political buff has taken on an appreciation of small-town/rural life while also being a father of four and a soccer coach. Blancher's columns on will cover a range of his interests from politics, parenthood, local history and on his favourite NHL team, the Buffalo Sabres. If you have questions or wish to contact Phillip, you can email him at
Peanuts? Sandals needs to go back to math class
Peanuts? Sandals needs to go back to math class

Oct. 27, 2015: Peanuts. That was the word used last week by Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals on the reimbursement of union expenses for negotiating employment contracts. 2.5 million dollars in reimbursed expenses, for board rooms, hotels, and food. Peanuts; paid for by the government; paid by you, the taxpayer. FULL STORY

Federal Election 2015 - Don
Federal Election 2015 - Don't vote out of fear

Oct. 18, 2015: October 19th marks the end of the longest campaign in modern Canadian history. If one lesson can come out of this election, it is that those who want to govern you, want you to be afraid of something. Despite that fear-mongering, you need to vote. Voters need to ignore the fear-mongering and strategic voting. Vote based on facts and information. Ignore the rhetoric and become an informed voter. Focus on the party platforms assuming the elected party will carry them out as published. FULL STORY

Jobs are the real issue in Cornwall and SDG
Jobs are the real issue in Cornwall and SDG

Sep. 24, 2015: In Cornwall and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, no issue is as important during this Federal Election than jobs. Not just jobs, but local jobs in Cornwall and SDG. It is risky for someone running for office to make specific promises about specific companies similar to then Liberal MPP Jim Brownell's promise in 2007 of 500 jobs from Liquiforce coming to the region. FULL STORY

Regulations do not fix bad drivers
Regulations do not fix bad drivers

Sep. 9, 2015: The Labour Day long weekend saw a number of fatal accidents across the province, just as fine increases and new driving regulations come into effect. The problem with all of the new and existing regulations is it does not and will not fix bad drivers on the road. In the last 10 years, a number of regulations have been added to the Highway Traffic Act. Distracted driving, texting and driving, pulling over for emergency vehicles and tow trucks. FULL STORY

Clement not confident she can beat Lauzon?
Clement not confident she can beat Lauzon?

Aug. 20, 2015: Which brings to light the possibility of an issue with Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry Liberal candidate Bernadette Clement. Clement was elected to a third term on Cornwall City Council in 2014, but threw her hat in the ring for the Federal Liberal nomination a scant few months later. With fixed election date legislation, it was very clear there would be a federal election in 2015. At the August 11th council meeting, Clement stated she would go on a leave of absence as of August 31, but really, it should have been as soon as the writ was dropped. FULL STORY

Fishy deal sets bad precedents in South Dundas
Fishy deal sets bad precedents in South Dundas

Aug. 20, 2015: For every step forward that the current South Dundas council takes, it takes two back. The last minute deal to secure the Renegade Bass Tournament championship is the most recent backwards step by this council. At the August 11th council meeting, a last minute agenda item was added, seeking a cash contribution and the waiving of launch fees for the boat ramp in Morrisburg for the Renegade Bass Fishing Tournament. The South Dundas Chamber of Commerce pushed for the waiving of the launch fees in 2014. It was denied FULL STORY

South Dundas Council gets it right, for a change
South Dundas Council gets it right, for a change

Aug. 14, 2015: South Dundas council got it right Tuesday night by voting against a motion to support EDP Renewables plan for 24-36 more wind turbines in the municipality. The vote was three-to-one against supporting EDP, with one councillor stepping out of the vote due to a declared conflict of interest. Critics have stated that South Dundas has missed out of the promised revenue opportunity from this deal, good. Sometimes taking a stand is worth more than money. FULL STORY

Harper’s greatest electoral weapon, Kathleen Wynne
Harper’s greatest electoral weapon, Kathleen Wynne

Aug. 12, 2015: Kathleen Wynne is Stephen Harper’s greatest weapon in the 2015 federal election. Premier Wynne thinks that by picking a fight with the Prime Minister she is helping Justin Trudeau secure a win in Ontario. Instead, she has becomes the greatest liability to the federal Liberal cause. FULL STORY

Go big or go home
Go big or go home

Aug. 4, 2015: Since the dawn of the county system in Ontario in the 1800’s, there has been a two-tier governance system to municipalities. The upper tier, or county, controls certain aspects, the lower tier, or township/municipality, controls the rest. In the past, I have questioned the need for having a county level of governance in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry when we have six lower-tier municipalities that duplicate the functions of the county. Perhaps the better way to approach streamlining municipal governments is to cut the lower-tier out all together. FULL STORY

Charitable election spending
Charitable election spending

Jul. 14, 2015: Ah, the stupid season is almost upon us. For this writer, the stupid season is the election spending season. Stephen Harper, Thomas Muclair, Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May will all lead parties who are about to spend big dollars on election ads FULL STORY

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