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Title - John Bolton
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Follow Me on TwitterJohn Bolton has been a broadcaster for 25 years, most recently in Cornwall Ontario. After living in Ontario his entire life John and his wife Sheila recently moved to Alberta where John fills in on Calgary radio discussing politics, current events and all things Alberta. He believes in personal responsibility, limited government and being able to keep more of the money he earns. If you have questions or wish to contact John, you can email him at
Some things are just plain dumb
Some things are just plain dumb

Aug. 8, 2014: It wasn't that long ago that golf was the fastest growing game around. Kids and adults were signing up at record levels to play and getting a tee off time or getting a round in in less than 5 hours was near impossible. Green fees also skyrocketed with the game's popularity. Damn you law of supply and demand! Oh how times have changed. Somewhere between the appearance of Tiger Woods and his illicit affairs golf has entered the doldrums and the golf business is desperate to get people back on the links. What they're doing is pretty typical of our society... dumbing it down. FULL STORY

Time for a carbon tax
Time for a carbon tax

Jul. 3, 2014: As the next federal election approaches, I can't help but think global warming/climate change/climate disruption will be a big issue. I also think the next Prime Minister may be eager to pass some type of global warming/climate change/climate disruption legislation to change the weather... like a carbon tax. In fact, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said he was in favour of it the other day. It may astound people who know me, but I'm all in. FULL STORY

Wynne, Redford: A tale of two provinces
Wynne, Redford: A tale of two provinces

Jun. 19, 2014: After two and a half years in Alberta, Ontario politics still fascinate me and I watch what happens closely, from afar. The recent election that gave the Liberals a majority had me thinking about how different Alberta is from my old province. Let me explain. FULL STORY

Calgary Flooding - Surreal, a major Canadian City underwater
Calgary Flooding - Surreal, a major Canadian City underwater

Jun. 23, 2013: On Sunday June 16th I got up early and took off on my bike for a ride I had been planning to do for quite awhile. Heading North in Calgary along Deerfoot Trail from my home in Dover I rode north over Nose Hill Park and then, knowing it was Father's Day, I gave my Dad a call as I looked out across Calgary to the Rocky Mountains. FULL STORY

There's A Reason They Call It Dope

Apr. 26, 2013: There is a growing chorus of people who want to legalize marijuana, and in a way I understand their position. Law enforcement and government spends billions of dollars every year trying to track down and incarcerate casual users of the drug. It fills up our courts and prisons and further burdens the taxpayer with costs. FULL STORY

Keep the politics out of it
Keep the politics out of it

Apr. 3, 2013: A recent story about how Toronto council eliminated a by-law restricting cyclists to single file riding on city streets got me thinking about how politics has infected almost everything we touch. Quite often protecting the environment is the reason for the meddling. FULL STORY

The coming battle
The coming battle

Mar. 22, 2013: As I wake up to another beautiful Calgary morning my thoughts turn to an issue and an upcoming battle that should concern every logical Canadian. Everyday more articles are appearing online trying to predict what President Barack Obama will do when it comes to the Keystone XL pipeline. Will he or won't he okay the essential link to get Canada's oil from Alberta to the southern United States? FULL STORY

Canada's Natural Drooling Party

Mar. 8, 2013: Let me start off this article by stating that I haven't spent much time paying attention to the Liberal leadership race. I can name a few of the so called leaders in this one horse political race, but we all know the successor to Michael Ignatieff has already been chosen. Some guy named Trudeau is about to be chosen as the sacrificial lefty to be thrown into the meat grinder that is Stephen Harper's Conservative Party. You can bet the long knives are being sharpened and the first pin-point attack ad is ready to be unleashed the moment the final leadership vote has been cast. It's kind of sad in a way, because the Libs are experiencing another moment (among many) of insanity. If the Liberal Party was a batter they would be 0 for 3 and on their way back to the minor leagues. FULL STORY

The year in Alberta
The year in Alberta

Jan. 11, 2013: Twas the year in Alberta, the first in my life
I moved from Ontario, with my cats and my wife
The politics there were infected with Libs
So I welcomed the chance to be clear of the fibs


Lance Armstrong and me
Lance Armstrong and me

Sep. 19, 2012: While I've been riding my bike for many years, my love of watching cycling leads back to one man... Lance Armstrong. Like most people I was taken in by Armstrong's remarkable story of how an up and coming cyclist overcame cancer to win the Tour de France seven consecutive times. FULL STORY

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